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Our Mission

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American River Charter School provides a rigorous, challenging, and adventurous  education. Varied programs, which are responsive to student and family needs, will be interesting and complex. Satisfying, high-quality student performance will be the result of powerful, consistent, teacher-collaborated instruction and diligent, persistent student-effort.  The atmosphere will be joyful, trusting, and respectful.  Students will become skillful, curious, life-long learners, creative problem solvers, caring, involved community participants, and global citizens.
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Students at ARCS will strive to be:
Academic Achievers who:
  • Meet or exceed California state grade level standards
  • Express ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively
  • Solve problems and develop problem-solving strategies
  • Value and practice artistic expression
  • Develop and practice critical thinking and study skills
  • Attain college-readiness by graduation
  • Appreciate learning as a continuous process
Healthy Individuals who:
  • Engage in physical exercise regularly
  • Practice leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle
Contributing Community Members who:
  • Work effectively as team members
  • Treat others with respect
  • Participate actively in school activities and events
  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Understand the meaning of social responsibility