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ARCS Council



Anne Thomas - Teacher - Site
Kathryn (Kati) Jardine  - Teacher - Homeschool
Ray Berrett - Site Staff
Penny Howell - Homeschool parent
Dustin Bunge - Student
Adela Breaux - Community Member
Elizabeth Haines - BOMUSD appointee
Tami Elliott - Site Parent Rep
David Gleason - Ex Officio Member


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ARCS Council meetings take place in the ARCS Eagle's Nest.

2019-2020 Schedule

 Meeting Date  Agenda  Minutes
 August 19th  Agenda Minutes
 September 9th  Agenda  
 October 7th    
 November 4th  
 November 13th (Study Session)
 December 3rd (3:15pm)  Agenda  Minutes
 January 13th    
 February 3rd    
 No meeting in March    
 April 20th    
 May 4th    
Click here for archived Agendas and Minutes. (coming soon)

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