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ARCS Council


Site Rep               Nikki Parr
Parent Rep - Homeschool               Penny Howell
Student Rep               Sydney Proctor
Community Member               Christina Mulford
BOMUSD Appointee               Elizabeth Haines
Ex Officio Member               David Gleason

ARCS Council Meetings
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ARCS Council meetings take place in the ARCS Eagle's Nest.
 Meeting Date  Agenda  Minutes
August 4, 2020   Agenda Minutes
September 1, 2020  Agenda Minutes
October 6, 2020  Agenda Minutes
November 10, 2020  Agenda Minutes
December 8, 2020   Agenda Minutes
January 12, 2021  Agenda Minutes
February 2, 2021  Agenda Minutes
February 24, 2021 (Study Session)  Agenda  
March 2, 2021  
April 13, 2021 Minutes
May 4, 2021  
May 11, 2021 Minutes
 August 19th  Agenda  Minutes
 September 9th  Agenda   Minutes
 September 17 (3:15 pm)  Agenda  Minutes
 October 7th  Agenda   Minutes
 October 16th (Study Session)  Agenda   Minutes
 November 5th  Agenda
 November 13th (Study Session)
 Agenda   Minutes
 December 3rd (3:15 pm)  Agenda   Minutes
 December 11th (Study Session)  Agenda   Minutes
 January 21st   Minutes
 February 11th  Agenda  
 No meeting in March  ---------  ----------
 April 21st    
 May 5th  Agenda  Minutes
May 20th (Study Session)  Agenda  Minutes
May 22nd CANCELLED  Agenda cancelled
June 4th  Agenda  Minutes
Click here for archived Agendas and Minutes. (coming soon)

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